200gm Malt Ojasvita

OJASVITA MALT with its 7 Power herbs ~ Ashwagandha, Satavari, Shankapushpi, Jyotismath, Brahmi, Kali Musali and Bringaraj is a health drink for all ages. The uniqueness of the product is the composition which includes seven excellent herbs, traditionally known as per Ayurveda to contribute towards ‘Ojas’ or vitality of an individual. 
Power Of 7 Herbs.
1.Ashwagandha: Builds Immunity
2.Brahmi: Develops Mind
3.Bringaraj: Rejuvenates System
4.Jyotismathi: Develops Memory
5.Kali Musali: Gives Strength
6.Satavari: Nourishes Body
7.Shankapushpi: Increases Energy.
Victory needs…The Right Guidance, Hard Work & The Power of Seven Herbs. Ojasvita MALT.. Vijayi Bhavah!!
Ingredients: Malt, Drinking Chocolate, Milk Solids, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Flavour.
Contains added preservatives (E202) Contains added natural colours, added artificial flavours. 
Ojasvita is made by meditator and contains no nuts and paragons. 

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